What Shoes To Wear With Leggings (7 Shoes To Pair With Leggings)

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Attention: What shoes to wear with leggings?

Leggings are a staple in any woman's wardrobe. They're comfortable, versatile, and flattering. But what should you wear on your feet when wearing leggings?

It can be tricky to find the perfect shoe that complements your outfit without clashing or looking out of place.

But It doesn’t have to be as leggings can be paired with pretty much whatever shoes you feel like wearing. That’s where the versatility of leggings comes into the picture.

1 Sneakers 
2 Ankle Boots
3 Heals
4 Flats
5 Wedges
6 Kitten Heels
7 Flip-Flops, Sandals, & Clogs


1. Leggings With Sneakers

Sneakers are a go-to for a lot of easy, on-the-go outfits, and that’s why it figures first in this list. Easy, fun, and comfortable!

Plus, If you wear sneakers with leggings, it can make your legs look slimmer.

Wearing running shoes or basketball shoes or even a pair of Converse can give the illusion of a longer leg due to how they fit on feet.

Wear sneakers with leggings to work out in. Sneakers are great for low-impact exercises like yoga and pilates because they offer good support when you're standing or sitting on the ground.

2. Wear Leggings With Ankle Boots

Boots with leggings are an exciting option because they can be dressed up and down.

Wearing ankle boots with your leggings is the perfect way to dress them up or down depending on what you're going for!

You can wear boots with leggings all the time - like if you wanted to go out for dinner, or just hang out with your friends but still look stylish!

It's an easy way to change up your winter wardrobe too because what better bottom wear can you opt for in the summer other than a cool pair of leggings?

wear shoes with leggings

3. Wear Heels With Leggings

You wear jeans with heels but, you know what? It's time to switch things up.

The idea of wearing a pair of denim or slacks and high-heeled shoes all at the same time is really tempting for some people - especially if they're looking for something different from their typical outfit.

You can also experiment by pairing your favorite leggings with heels when you want to look absolutely put-together without too much effort on your part!

4. Leggings And Flats

Ditch that heels! It’s time now to go with the flats!

No, no, girl. You do not need to be in pain tonight when you have a long night ahead of you.

It's time to swap those high-heels out with some comfy shoes that will last all damn day at your event tomorrow morning--flats are what I'm talking about here!

Wearing flats can not only be stylish but also easier on the feet!

5. Wedges With Leggings

I'm rocking my leggings with wedges because

'tis the season.

Who said you can't wear leggings with wedges?

The internet is full of these beauty rules that just don't make sense.

I have been doing my makeup for years and never once did somebody says, no, no! You're not allowed to put mascara on your bottom lashes!

Pair leggings with wedges because they are both comfortable and cute.

Try wearing some patterned leggings, like the ones from TopGurl, and then pair them up with strappy wraparound Espadrille wedges.

If this sounds good but height isn't one of your strong points, try picking up something similar like wedge sandals instead!

6. Kitten Heels And Leggings

I'm considering what to wear this evening. It's a date night!
I want to be comfortable, but also look chic and sexy- all at the same time. What shall I go with?

Do you know what's trendy with the perfect balance of comfort and style? Kitten heels with leggings!

Do you enjoy the look of your legs wrapped in legging and then showing off a little skin from below the ankle to about an inch or two above by wearing kitten heels?

It gives such classiness to any outfit, let alone one that is already very fashionable on its own.

7. Flip-Flops, Sandals, & Clogs

Wear your favorite leggings with flip-flops or sandals to make a statement.

Do you know what's awesome about being a girl? We get to look good in anything we want & it doesn't have to be expensive!

The best thing about wearing leggings with flip-flops or sandals is that they're really comfortable when walking around all day long.

Plus, there are lots of colors available which make them perfect because every woman likes something different.

So, whether it be flats, heels, boots, or sneakers, go ahead and get those leggings and rock it as you want it!

Just don’t hold back!

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