What To Wear Under Leggings (Should You Wear Underwear With Yoga Pants & Workout Tights)

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What to wear under leggings is a question that many women try to grapple with.

But before that, lets answer this: Should you wear underwear with leggings?

The short answer - It's up to you!

Wearing leggings with underwear is a personal choice but as long as you're comfortable, it doesn't matter what others think.

Leggings are made to be worn without underwear and wearing underwear with gym tights or yoga and workout pants can be an individual's preference as they are very form-fitting and cling to the skin.

Think about the last time you wore leggings. Did you feel confident and comfortable? Or did it feel like too much skin?

So, you'll need to decide what feels right for you.

Having said that, let’s look at the pros and cons of wearing underwear with leggings:

1. You can wear your favorite leggings and yoga pants without a pesky panty line.

2. It's more comfortable and convenient when you are at home lounging around or a day out with your friends.

For some women, wearing underwear can be uncomfortable because they often bunch up under your clothing and create friction between the legs, especially if you're moving around a lot.

3. Working out at home or gym can be less irritating for those nether regions.

4. Your panties won’t show through when you sit down.

1. In the unlikely event of an accident, you might end up flashing a bit.

2. You might get a wedgie?

Now, if you are certain that you want to wear underwear, the below points would help with how not to have underwear lines showing up. 

what to wear under leggings

What To Wear Under Workout Leggings, Gym Tights & Yoga Pants?

Wear Underwear That Is Not See-through

Some leggings are made of thin fabric, so it's important to wear opaque underwear in such instances.

There are many types of undergarments and they all come in different levels of opacity.

If you're looking for something that won't show through, then consider purchasing some lace underwear or one without a seam on the backside.

Wear A Thong Or Bikini Underwear With Your Leggings

Consider switching to a thong or bikini underwear that doesn’t have a visible panty line.

Plus, the lace will not go all the way up to your waist like regular underwear and it will keep you feeling comfortable all day.

Wear Underwear That Is Seamless And Form-fitting

Seamless underwear doesn't show any lines underneath your leggings and yoga pants, and it feels more comfortable than most other kinds of undergarments.

Mask With Colored Or Patterned Leggings

If you are wearing colored underwear then you can mask it by wearing similar-colored legging or a patterned legging that camouflages the underwear beneath.

Our selection of print and pattern leggings come in hundreds of colors that can  do the trick just fine while amping up your glam quotient.

Buy Tight-fitting Underwear That Is Made Of Cotton Or Silk

Cotton and silk have an elasticity that lets them stretch with the body without creating any uncomfortable VPL.

Plus, they won't create any friction on the skin like other materials might!

Wearing underwear that is made of cotton or silk can also make a difference in how you feel.

The breathability and comfort are some of the reasons to consider wearing this with your leggings.

Other Ways To Hide Panty Line And Underwear Seams

Wear A Longer Top

If you wear a shorter top with leggings, the outline of your underwear can be visible.

The easy way to fix this situation is by wearing a longer top with leggings! TaDa!

Wear a long oversized shirt or sweater that covers your bottom from the waist down so as to block any underwear visibility.

Choose A Legging That Has An Elastic Waistband

It's hard to find the perfect pair of underwear that doesn't ride up your waist or make you feel like you're wearing a diaper, but with quality brands out there, like TopGurl, it's easy to find a pair of leggings that will work for you.

When you wear leggings with an elastic waistband, you will not have problems with your underwear riding up.

 Other Aspects That Has A Bearing On Comfort:

Quality Of Leggings And Workout Pants

Leggings made of spandex and polyester are soft, moisture-wicking, and super comfy.

Meaning, if you want to go commando, you’d have no problems with it.

But if the materials used are anything other than these or cotton, you might end up having a not-so-comfortable experience if you decide to go commando. 

How Tight The Leggings Are?

If it’s too tight, then the chances of a panty line bump are high.

So try a size that is comfortable and not too tight and see whether that works.

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