How To Style Grey Leggings (9 Tips On How To Wear Gray Tights & Yoga Pants)


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Do you love leggings? That's great! What about gray ones?

Maybe you've never tried grays before. If so, this is for you.

Grey leggings are a perfect way to change up your look and add some fun into the mix.

You can wear these leggings with a variety of different tops or sweaters, depending on how dressed up or down you're feeling.

This shade is a perfect fall and winter wardrobe staple too. They're comfortable, fashionable, and versatile.

Here's how to wear them for the best look possible!

1  Wear Them With A Shirt
2 Pair Them With Black Boots
3 Wear Them Under A Dress
4 Layer Them With Denim For A Chic Look
5 Wear Them With A Cute Top And Sneakers
6 Throw On Some Boots, Tuck In A Shirt, And Add A Scarf 
7 Wear Them With A Black Sweater And White Sneakers
8 Pair Them With A Blazer, Heels, And A Statement Necklace
9 Wear Gray Leggings Under An Orange Skirt Or Dress

1. Style Grey Leggings With A Shirt

If you are wondering, What should I wear today? Well, look no further!

Grey leggings with a shirt are great for any day.

You'll save a lot of time too by not having to nitpick on what to wear.

You can mix and match leggings all day long! Be sure to wear something that will keep you both comfortable and stylish!

2. Pair Grey Leggings With Black Boots

The perfect way to combine your old with new is by pairing a pair of black boots with grey leggings.

You can pair the grey with the black for a tough but polished look.

The grays will gel with black to create a classic, chic outfit.

The neutral colors will go well together and you'll be stylish all day long!

3. Wear Grey Leggings Under A Dress

The idea of wearing grey leggings under your dress can be debated.

Leggings are often overlooked as a wardrobe staple, but they really can be amazing.

They're perfect under dresses or skirts to give you that extra coverage and warmth all day long; plus it's an easy way for people without much time on their hands in the morning to get ready faster.

If you haven't already, invest in some grey leggings!

Wear them under a dress for an extra layer of warmth and style

4. Layer Grey With Denim For A Chic Look

You can wear gray leggings with denim because they're both neutral colors.

Wear your favorite dark-wash jeans on top of a pair of soft and cozy gray pants for an easy outfit that works as well in the office as it does at home!

5. Style Grey Leggings With A Cute Top And Sneakers

Pair your favorite grey leggings with a cute top and sneakers for an easy, yet stylish look!

Pairing your favorite pair of dark-gray leggings with a light blue blouse is the perfect way to be on trend this season.

Throw in some white or black lace-up oxfords as well - you'll have just enough style without sacrificing comfort.

You're going on a date with your crush tonight. What do you wear?

Wear grey leggings with a cute top and sneakers for him to see the way he makes you feel as soon as you walk in the door!

6. Throw On Some Boots, Tuck In A Shirt, And Add A Scarf For An Edgy Vibe

Combine some of these pieces with your grey leggings to create the perfect outfit for your day:

Pair gray leggings and some boots for a casual look, tuck in your shirt into the belt loops to show off that cute midriff of yours.

Add an accessory like a scarf or blazer for the perfect look!

The best way to dress up is with items that are classic like black boots paired with an interesting top; this look will never go out of style! 

7. Wear Grey Leggings With A Black Sweater And White Sneakers

Looking for ways to mix up your outfit? Pair gray leggings with a black sweater and white sneakers.

The contrast between the two colors will make people think you're on top of trends!

To put together an easy ensemble, pair dark-gray leggings with a lighter-colored sweater (black or navy work well).

Finish off the look by pairing it all off with simple white sneakers - no need for anything fancy!

8. Dress Them Up By Pairing Them With A Blazer, Heels, And A Statement Necklace

Wearing gray is also a great way to incorporate this season's go-to color into your wardrobe.

A blazer, heels, and statement necklace are the perfect additions for completing this look.

Wear black leggings as workwear? Not so fast. Try grey instead.

9. Add Some Color To Your Outfit By Wearing Gray Leggings Under An Orange Skirt Or Dress

Grey leggings are an essential part of any girl's wardrobe.

Pair them with a colorful skirt or dress for added interest and style!

A perfect way to get the most out of your outfit is by mixing it up, whether you're wearing gray pants under orange skirts or dresses (or vice versa!).

Check out TopGurl's collection of gorgeous leggings and yoga pants for more inspiration.

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