How To Prevent Leggings From Falling Down (Tips To Keep High Waist Pants & Tights Rolling/Dropping/Sliding Down)


Have you been struggling with your leggings rolling down and bunching up around your knees?

Leggings are considered one of the most comfortable articles of clothing to wear around the house or running errands in town.

But sometimes, we'll come across problems with these stretchy items, especially if it’s not of good quality - the most common being that they slide down and you find yourself tugging up your pants.

We want our leggings to stay where they belong without having to keep adjusting them throughout the day because no one wants their lower half sticking out while walking (or worse yet) at work!

Here are some tips and tricks from TopGurl to keep your leggings from falling down.

1  Wear a belt over the leggings
2 Put on some tights or stockings
3 Try a different style of leggings
4 Wear a longer shirt or tunic
5 Use suspenders to hold up your leggings
6 Wear leggings with a tighter fit
7 Wear underwear with the leggings


1. Wear A Belt Over The Leggings To Keep Them From Falling Down

The solution is simple: wear a belt with your leggings.

This way they will never go anywhere near being saggy at the bottom!

To wear a belt with your leggings, first find one that is long enough to wrap around both of your hips.

Next, cross the ends and tie them in front or back. If you want more support on your waistline, make sure to tie it in the back instead of the front.

You can also use the belt to layer up and make a style statement.

You want to make sure that you are wearing the right sized belt for your body type and style preference, though.

The most common mistake that you can make when wearing a belt with leggings is picking one that doesn't match the leggings outfit. Just make sure to mix and match and select the ones that fit.

2. Put On Some Tights Or Stockings Under Your Leggings

If you are someone who is constantly bending and squatting to pick things up or walk around the house, a sagging pair of legging can come in the way of doing your chores.

One way to remedy this problem is by putting tights or stockings underneath the leggings, that are thinner than the leggings themselves so they don't fall down.

But note that it can also be uncomfortable if it gets too tight or if it pulls on the skin in a sensitive area of your leg.

There's no one solution that fits all, it’s testing out what works for you and then go with it.

3. Try A Different Style Of Legging, Such As High-waisted Or Above-Knee Leggings.

There are so many different types of leggings high-waisted, above the knee, three-fourths, etc., that might help you with this issue.

High-waisted leggings such as workout legging and yoga pants offer a high waistband that keeps your legging stay above your waist without sagging or rolling down.

In addition to that, it makes your waist appear slimmer too.

If you have issues with leggings bunching up around the knees, then try the above-knee leggings or shorts-type leggings.

These are the most casual looking type and can be worn with anything from sneakers to heels. 

4. Wear A Longer Shirt Or Tunic

If you are embarrassed about your leggings dropping down and your half moons rising above the line of horizon, then pair it with a longer shirt or tunic that can cover it up like a dark veil of cloud.

Pairing your legging with a longer shirt or tunic can also be an excellent way to style your leggings outfit.

The general rule is that the length of your top should be at least 3 inches shorter than the inseam of your leggings. This way, it doesn't ride up and expose any skin.

5. Use Suspenders To Hold Up Your Leggings

Do you love the look of leggings paired with suspenders? If the answer is yes, then suspenders it is.

You’ll get both form and function with this pairing and what’s more, they provide an edgier, sexier kind of look.

Suspenders are often seen as being too masculine or old-fashioned, which is why women may hesitate to wear them with their leggings.

But if you are the sort who gives two hoots about gender preferences, give it a try, and who knows, you might even start to advocate it.

6. Wear Leggings With A Tighter Fit

Well, this one’s a no-brainer, after all, who doesn’t know this?

Well, try out a size smaller than your normal size and see how that works for you.

It could be that the leggings might have stretched a bit over time or you might have shed some kilos that are leading to the drop.

A word of caution though, wearing leggings with a tighter fit can be tricky and you should choose the right outfit to go with them without looking like you're trying too hard.

7. Wear Underwear With The Leggings So They Don't Fall Down

If you are the type who’d like to go commando, wearing underwear with leggings is a great way to avoid the dreaded 'falling down' problem.

Leggings are meant to be worn without anything underneath, but sometimes they can give you the slip and slide around your thighs.

If you feel like this might happen to you, try wearing underwear beneath your leggings for some added security!

Also, keep in mind that the type of underwear that you choose can also make a difference.

Thick padded ones would help in holding the leggings up in place while thinner ones may not.

So try out a few different ones and see what works for you.

All TopGurl Leggings have a 4-way stretch fabric, meaning it stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains making it a snug fit and one that would last for a long time.

The elastic waistband makes sure that the leggings stay in place and don’t sag.

The yoga pants & workout leggings have a high waistband that helps keep the leggings from falling down.


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