How To Fold Leggings (Tips To Fold And Store Tights & Yoga Pants)

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The best way for someone to care for their leggings and yoga pants is by following some easy steps such as folding and storing the leggings properly, making sure they are clean before wearing again, using garment bags when traveling and packing multiple outfits into one bag.

Although leggings and yoga pants are very thin and take up much less space than denim, storing and organizing them can sometimes be a bit annoying.

They are long and can get tangled up in the process because of their length, which makes them a bit more inconvenient than other garments that don't have this problem.

But there are solutions for those who want to avoid these issues: Besides, folding leggings and storing might help them last longer too.

Reasons To Fold And Store Leggings:

  • Save space. Because they can take up a lot of space, otherwise.
  • They are much easier to store that way.
  • Folding and organizing leggings in closets or shelfs are helpful for when you have a lot of clothing.
  • The foldable clothes can be used to organize larger items and avoid the need for an additional storage space in your room!
  • When you fold them in half before storing them away it's easy to find any pair when needed again!

Folding and storing leggings is easy when they're fresh out the dryer or if someone else has done it for us!

But what do we do about those days when our laundry just won't fit?

Some people may choose to wear leggings that are wrinkled, but I'm sure most would rather not have icky fabric rubbing against their skin all day long.

Luckily there's an easier solution: fold them into small rectangles and store them vertically on shelves or use over-the-door hangers!

Okay, how do I do that?

How To Fold Leggings?

The internet is a treasure trove of information.

But there's no shortage of people out there who have come up with crazy ways to fold tights and leggings that are better than the traditional way which sometimes can seem inefficient.

The good news? There isn't just one right answer for how to properly store your clothing; it all comes down to what works best for each person individually.

Here are two of the easy ones:

Pile Fold:

To pile fold leggings start by folding the legging in half lengthwise with the waistband at one end, then roll it into a long tube shape.

While keeping that same seam on top of itself and stopping when you reach either side's leg opening.

Then gently push down so that all layers stack neatly together like an accordion!

Roll Fold:

To roll fold leggings, place them on a table with the legs up.

Fold both bottom corners to meet in the middle and then turn one of these folds down overtop of its other half.

Continue folding until you have an even rectangle shape that's about 2x as tall as it is wide.

This should be approximate size for most drawer sets so they'll fit snugly without being too bulky or sticking out from all sides when stored vertically.

Are you worried that folding the leggings will cause damage to the elasticity of the fabric? (if the legging is of low quality)

The best way then would probably be if you laid them out in one go so that they're nice and flattened against each other with no folds present, whatsoever.

This'll help keep their shape while also avoiding unnecessary wear and tear over time.

How To Store Leggings And Yoga Pants?

Put them in a drawer like a normal clothing item. This would be the best and easy way to store and organize your leggings and pants.

But if you find yourselves living in a space where there is shortage of storage space, then you can:

  • Use a hanger to hang the leggings on the back of your door.
  • Use another space that will keep it out of sight and easy to access when you need it - like in an armoire cabinet, under the bed etc.
You could also place one near where you get ready if this is part of how you wear leggings for work everyday (or maybe have two so there's always one clean!)
  • Create mini holders with clothespins by sticking 2-4 pins through each leg opening at different places up around its waistline.

These clips can be clipped together either vertically or horizontally as needed depending on available wall/door space.

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