How To Fix A Hole In Leggings & Yoga Pants (9 Ways To Cover Holes In Tights)

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We get it, you have a hole in your leggings and now are trying to figure out how not to show the world that.

A word of caution though. Not all of these or any of these methods might work as leggings are kind of tricky, unlike, say, denim or cotton, because of the materials used.

But, Hey! Nothing wrong in giving it a try, right?

So, for a quick and easy way to fix up the hole in your leggings or yoga pants that is inexpensive too.. Read On!

1 Use Glue To Patch Over The Hole
2 Put On Some Knee-high Socks Over Your Leggings
3 Sew On A Patch To Cover Up The Hole
4 Use The Excess Hem From The Leggings
5 Use Safety Pins To Stitch It
6 Use An Elastic Band
7 Add Lace Trimming Around The Area With A Hole
8 Wear A Long Shirt With A Hole In The Leggings
9 Wear Leggings With Holes


Use Glue To Patch Over The Hole

You’ve torn your leggings, and you need to fix them fast! Cut a piece of fabric from an old pair of leggings and Apply a thin layer of glue on the tear.

Wait for it to dry before pulling up the fabric so that there are no folds or bumps in how it is glued down.

Brush off any excess adhesive with something like an old toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol--it can be sticky stuff when wet!

(This will only work if there's not too much damage)

Put On Some Knee-high Socks Over Your Leggings

If you are only wearing leggings, this is an easy way to disguise the hole in your pants if it's in the lower part.

Just put some knee-high socks or stockings over them and tuck them into your shoes!

If you want an easy fix for that exposed calf skin when all you're wearing are black leggings? Put on some knee high socks as well - they'll cover up any holes or rips in those skinny leggings.

Sew On A Patch To Cover Up The Hole

You can sew a patch to cover up any hole in your leggings.

All you need is some thread and needle, then follow these simple steps:

-Cut the piece of fabric into an appropriate size that will fit over the hole; make sure it has enough room around all edges so there are no seams showing.

-Sew one edge on both sides with needle and thread right onto where the two pieces meet at each corner - Do this for both corners (aka X) This should create four small triangles pointing out from either side of your new seam line.

Sew all 4 points together until they lie flat against each other like before. Trim off excess material if desired.

Use The Excess Hem From The Leggings

Cut off the excess bottom hem of your tights, then turn them inside out so that they're facing right side out again;

Put them over your leggings for coverage (again, this will only work if there's minimal damage)

Use Safety Pins To Stitch It

Try using safety pins as stitches - just be careful with how tight you make each stitch because they can break through thin fabrics like leggings.

Use An Elastic Band

Place an elastic band around the area with a hole and sew it together.

To fix the hole, place an elastic band around the area with the hole and then sew it together.

Measure the elastic around your leg and sew it securely together before cutting any excess fabric left.

Add Lace Trimming Around The Area With A Hole

To add lace trimming around the area with a hole on your leggings, do these steps:

Find fabric that is sturdy enough to stand up straight by itself.

Lace would work well because it has width and height as its defining features.

Cut out a piece from this material based off of measurements taken from where the actual holes are located.

Sew around the hole so that it’d wrap around the legging adding a nice lace feature that’d break things up visually.

Wear A Long Shirt With A Hole In The Leggings

This is an easy way to cover up the holes if it's in the top part of the leggings above the knees.
All you need are two shirts: One should be longer than the other as this will serve as your outer layer and hide all evidence that there's anything wrong at all.

Then find something short enough for underneath, but big enough so it doesn't show any part of whatever might be going on beneath.

Wear these items together like normal clothes (underwear optional) and voila - no more embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions when people start looking too closely!

Also, you can put on an oversized sweater or tunic top over the leggings or yoga pants or any other tights - just pair them together so that it’d wouldn’t look odd.

Wear Leggings With Holes

Now, here’s taking a problem and turning it on its head.

If you want to stand out from the crowd - wear leggings with holes as a style statement.

For one thing, your hole-filled pants are not doing anything but distracting people - everyone can see them.

And, if you are the type who wouldn’t mind getting some extra attention - Go ahead! Give it a try!

And while, we, at TopGurl, appreciate anyone embracing individuality by adopting unusual clothing styles, wearing leggings with holes doesn’t seem like much of a risk.

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