10 Best Leggings For Women For 2021

Leggings have become a staple in a woman's closet, especially since a lot of women have started to work from home. Mostly used as workout tights and pants, leggings nowadays don the role of comfortable athleisure, lounge wear or even as office wear. Choosing the best women's leggings can seem to be a chore, but it doesn't have to be. 

Here are 10 of our this week's bestsellers that can amp up your activewear game or even just add a bit of color to your daily slice of life.

1 Psychedelic Forest
2 Burn In Hell 
3 Abstract Psyche
4 Christmas Snowflakes
5  Color Riot
6 Crimson With Dash Of Neon
7 Lotus Floral
8 B & W Leopard Print
9 Take Me To Your Leader
10 Rave Psychedelia



Psychedelic Forest

Evoke the feeling of being inside of a dreamy romantic forest with this psychedelic forest print leggings. Mesmerizing color patterns add a playful yet mysterious feel overall. 

Psychedelic Forest - TopGurl.com 

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Burn In Hell

This distressed looking pattern is definitely gonna turn heads. Evoking the feeling of a burnt out landscape with the burning bright red fire juxtaposed with the contrast of the black is literally an eye opener. 

Burn In Hell Leggings - TopGurl.com

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Abstract Psyche

Interwoven abstract patterns bring out a sense of wonderment while the colors add a bit of fascination to this one-of-a-kind pair of leggings.   

Abstract Psyche Leggings - TopGurl.com

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Christmas Snowflakes

'Tis Christmas and what better way to imbue the spirit of the season than with a pair of blue leggings with bursting sparkles and icicles pattern; like a dark night lit up by fireworks.  

Christmas Snowflakes Leggings - TopGurl.com

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 Color Riot

 This watercolor splatter pattern is a riot of colors like aerial fireworks going off on a dark sky. Definitely adds more than just a splash of color if you are game for it. 

Color Riot Leggings - TopGurl.com

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Crimson With Neon

This three color legging is a study in contrast. The crimson coyly gives way to a much brighter orange which then settles down to a somber apple green. For those wants to play it safe but wouldn't mind spicing up a bit.  

Crimson With Neon Leggings - TopGurl.com

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Lotus Floral

Bright red lotus floral pattern contrasts with somber off-white background. For those who love florals. Try our yoga and capri leggings for your workout sessions.   

Lotus Floral Leggings - TopGurl.com

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Leopard Print - Black & White

The animal prints are a perennial fashion staple. This black, off-pink pattern on white is an all-time eye turner. Check out our other prints in the animal prints section.   

Leopard Print Black & White - TopGurl.com

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Take Me To Your Leader

Inspired by the alien imagery from pop culture, this Take Me To Your Leader print adds an aura of intrigueness to the backdrop. For those who'd like to keep onlookers scratching their heads.

Take me to your leader - TopGurl.com


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Rave Psychedelia

Pimp up for that rave party or better yet add some raveness to a toned-down affair that you might find yourself in. Ra Ra Rave. 

Rave Psychedelia - TopGurl.com

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